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Saljol Ultra Lightweight Walker

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Saljol Ultra Lightweight Walker


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If you’re looking for an ulta lightweight 4 wheel walker that combines the best of both worlds – stability and agility – then look no further than the Saljol Ultra Lightweight Rollator. This innovative new product from Saljol is perfect for those who want to stay active and independent, without sacrificing safety or stability.

• Made with a unique carbon fibre frame for lightweight yet strong and durable construction

• Large wheels for easy navigation over any terrain, including rough or uneven surfaces

• Innovative integrated gearshift for added control and safety while using the rollator

• Foldable design for convenient storage and transportation

• Adjustable handle height to fit users of different heights

• Ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and reduced strain on hands and wrists

• Built-in seat for resting during walks or outings

• Removable storage bag for carrying personal items

• Easy-to-use hand brakes for safe and controlled movement

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

• Available in multiple colours to suit individual preferences.





The Saljol Ultra Lightweight Walker features a unique frame design that is made entirely out of carbon fibre. This makes it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, yet still incredibly strong and durable. The rollator also features large wheels that make it easy to navigate over any type of terrain, including rough or uneven ground.

Perhaps most importantly, the Saljol Carbon Rollator provides users with unbeatable stability thanks to its wide base of support and low centre of gravity. This makes it ideal for those who may have balance issues or are at risk of falling. And with its adjustable handlebars, the rollator can be customized to fit any user’s height and needs.

So, if you’re looking for a mobility aid that can keep up with your active lifestyle, while still providing unmatched stability and safety, then be sure to check out the Saljol Carbon Rollator!




SaljolUltra Lightweight Walker
Warranty12 Months
Seat Heightsmall 21.6in / 54cm, med 24.8in / 62cm
Handle Height Adjustmentsmall 76-88cm /30.4 - 35.2in, med 32.4 - 41.2in / 81-103cm
Seat WidthSmall 18in / 45cm, med 18.4in / 46cm
Maximum load of bag11lb / 5kg
Stick holder Yes
Overall Width24.8in / 62cm
Width Folded8.8in / 22cm
BrakesYes locking
Rollator Weight12.7lbs / 5.8kg
Max User Weight23.5st / 150kg
Max User WeightRacing Green, Silver, Midnight Blue


1. What are the unique benefits of a carbon fibre rollator?

Answer: Carbon fibre offers these key advantages for rollators:
Extreme Lightweight: Significantly lighter than aluminum models, making it incredibly easy to manoeuver and lift.
Strength and Durability: Carbon fibre is remarkably strong while remaining lightweight, promising a long lifespan.
Sleek Look: Carbon fibre lends a modern, high-tech aesthetic.

2. How does the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator fold, and how compact does it get?

Answer: The Saljol Carbon Fibre features a super simple folding mechanism:
Locate the release strap under the seat and pull it upwards with a slight jerk.
The rollator collapses lengthwise, becoming only 22cm wide, ideal for storage.
A safety hook automatically locks it in the folded position.

3. What kind of brakes come with the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator?

Answer: The Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator includes both:
Standard Handbrakes: Like bicycle brakes, these are engaged using levers on the handles.
Slide Brakes (Drag Brakes): These offer continuous friction, ideal for slowing down on slopes or for those with weaker grip strength.

4. What makes the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator comfortable to use?

Answer: Several design elements promote comfort:
Lightweight Construction Minimizes fatigue during use.
Ergonomic Handles: Provide a comfortable and secure grip.
Padded Seat and Backrest: Offer support during rest breaks.
Shock-Absorbing Wheels: Smooth out bumps for a less jarring ride.

5. Can I get accessories for the Saljol Carbobon Fibre Rollator?

Answer: Yes! Saljol offers accessories to enhance your rollator experience, including:
Warning Bell: To alert pedestrians of your presence.
Umbrella: For protection against rain or sun.
Cane Holder: Keeps your cane close at hand.
Shopping Bag Options: Various styles and sizes available