nitro 4 wheel walker basingstoke
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nitro 4 wheel walker folded
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Nitro Folding Aluminium Rollator

red nitro rollator 4 wheel basingstoke

Nitro Folding Aluminium Rollator


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The Nitro Folding Aluminium Rollator. Designed for individuals seeking a superior walking aid, this exquisite Euro-style rollator effortlessly combines sleek design, exceptional durability, and unparalleled functionality.


• Lightweight aluminium construction
• Durable and sturdy frame with double crossbrace
• Foldable design for convenient storage and transportation
• Large front wheels for smooth navigation over various terrains
• Comfortable padded seat and backrest for resting when needed
• Adjustable handle height to accommodate different user heights

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Experience freedom and independence like never before with the Nitro Folding Aluminium Rollator. This exquisite Euro-style walking aid effortlessly combines sleek design, exceptional durability, and unparalleled functionality for both indoor and outdoor use.

Crafted from lightweight aluminium, the nitro folding alumium rollator ensures effortless manoeuvrability while providing utmost stability. Its innovative frame seamlessly conceals brake cables, augmenting safety during every stride. No more worries about tripping or tangled wires!

Equipped with large 10″ front castors, the Nitro folding aluminium rollator boasts an impressive turning radius that effortlessly glides through tight spaces and over uneven terrain. Say goodbye to obstacles hindering your mobility; conquer any surface with ease.

Customization is key when it comes to comfort. With a simple adjustment mechanism, you can effortlessly modify both the handle and backrest heights of this remarkable rollator to cater to your specific needs. Achieve optimal posture alignment for maximum support throughout your journey.



ModelNitro Rollator
Warranty12 Months
Back RestYes
Wheels 10in / 25cm Front, 8in / 20cm Rear
Adjustable Handle HeightYes 33.6-38.6in / 84-96.5cm
Seat Height20.5in / 52cm
BrakesYes Locking
Overall Width24.4in / 61cm
Product Weight
7.2kg /15.9lbs
Max User Weight21st / 133kg
ColoursRed & Black


1. Is the Nitro Rollator easy to fold and unfold?

  • Yes, the Nitro Rollator boasts a simple, user-friendly folding mechanism. To fold, simply lift the seat upwards, bringing the sides together. When ready to use, just press down on the seat and it should click into place.

2. How much does the Nitro Rollator weigh?

  • While built with sturdy aluminum, the Nitro Rollator remains reasonably lightweight. Depending on the exact model and accessories, it usually weighs between 7.5kg – 8kg (approximately 16.5 – 17.6 lbs).

3. Can the handles be adjusted to suit my height?

  • Yes! The Nitro Rollator features handles that are height adjustable. This allows you to customize the positioning to ensure a comfortable and safe posture while using it.

4. What kind of storage does the Nitro Rollator offer?

  • Most Nitro Rollators come equipped with a convenient storage bag or basket situated underneath the seat. This is perfect for carrying small items like your purse, groceries, or other essentials.

5. Is the Nitro Rollator good for both indoor and outdoor use?

  • Yes, due to its sturdy construction and comfortable wheels, the Nitro Rollator is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It can navigate various terrains such as pavements, shopping centers, and smoother outdoor paths.