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Saljol Allround Aluminium Rollator

saljo alumium rollator basingstoke

Saljol Allround Aluminium Rollator


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Discover freedom like never before with the Saljol Allround Aluminium Rollator—an unrivalled companion that transcends boundaries between urban landscapes and natural wonders alike. Embrace independence today!

• Versatile and agile crossover rollator suitable for both city and countryside use
• Easy to maneuver with agile wheels, making it ideal for navigating through tight spaces
• Shock and heat absorbing cork handles provide comfortable grip and are resistant to UV rays and abrasion
• Eye-catching design makes it stand out from traditional rollators
• Durable Aluminium construction for long-lasting use in various environments



The Saljol Allround Aluminium Rollator: Unleash Your Mobility

Experience the perfect blend of urban agility and countryside versatility with the remarkable Saljol Allround Aluminium Rollator. This crossover rollator effortlessly conquers any terrain, ensuring smooth navigation in bustling city streets while transforming into a true off-roader amidst rugged landscapes.

Designed to captivate both functionality and aesthetics, this rollator is not just a reliable mobility aid but also an absolute head-turner. Its sleek design and robust construction make it stand out from the crowd, making you feel confident wherever you go.

With shock and heat absorbing capabilities, UV-resistant properties, and abrasion-proof cork handles, this exceptional rollator sets new standards for comfort and durability. The unique cork handles on the Saljol Allround aluminium Rollator provide an unparalleled grip while minimizing fatigue during prolonged use.

Weighing only 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs), this lightweight wonder combines convenience with strength to enhance your everyday life.




Saljol AllroundAluminium Rollator
Warranty12 Months
Back RestYes
Wheels10in front / 8in rear Solid
BrakesYes locking
Product Weight6.6kg / 14.5lbs
Seat Height25in / 62cm
Adjustable Seat HeightNo
Adjustable Handle HeightYes 32.4in - 41in / 81cm - 102.5cm
Overall Width23in / 57.5cm
Max User Weight23.5st / 150kg
ColoursPearl Grey or Black


1. What makes the Saljol Allround Rollator special?

Answer: The Saljol Allround Rollator stands out for its versatility and focus on comfort:
All-Terrain Capability: Its large front wheels, all-terrain tires, and shock absorption make it adaptable to various surfaces, from city streets to uneven paths.
Comfortable Design: Ergonomic design features like cork handles and spacious armrests minimize fatigue and pressure points on the arms and hands.

2. How do I adjust the Saljol Allround Rollator?

Answer: You can personalise the fit of your rollator by adjusting :
Handle Height: Find the perfect position for optimal posture and control.
Brake Type: Easily convert from a standard two-hand brake to a one-hand simultaneous brake system based on your needs and preference.

3. Is the Saljol Allround Rollator easy to transport and store?

Answer: Yes! This rollator is designed for portability:
Lightweight: The aluminum frame keeps the weight at a manageable 6.6 kg.
Folding Mechanism: Collapses easily into a compact size for transport in vehicles or storage at home.

4. What kind of bag or accessories can I use with the Saljol Allround?

Answer:  The rollator already comes equipped with a mesh bag with a 5kg capacity for essential items.
Optional Accessories: Saljol offers compatible accessories like a padded seat for enhanced comfort, a tray, and an umbrella for weather protection.

5. Can I use the Saljol Allround Rollator as a temporary seat?

  • Answer: Absolutely! The Allround Rollator has a built-in seat, allowing you to take rests as needed. Ensure the parking brakes are engaged before sitting down for safety.