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Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator

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Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator


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The Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator, When it comes to stability and quality, the Hestia is a true Topro. Quality you can trust.

• Modern and versatile design, perfect for indoor use
• Sliding and removable tray/table for carrying drinks, food, or essential gadgets
• Under tray net bag for additional storage space
• Lightweight and portable for easy transport



Meet the Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator – an exceptional mobility aid designed to enhance your daily life. Crafted with utmost precision, this rollator combines functionality and style seamlessly.

This fantasic Indoor Rollator serves as a testament to modern ingenuity and adaptability, the handy sliding and removeable tray / table allows you to carry drinks and food or keep essential gadgets in the handy under tray net bag.

The integrated cup holder negates any spillages and there is also a groove purposefully carved to cradle your smartphone and tablet securely which can then amplify and enhanced the sound of your gadgets.

With ergonomically shaped handles, featuring a handrail and brake lever, operating the rollator becomes effortless even in different positions or with just one hand.

One of the standout features of the Topro Hestia is its ability to assist in standing up and sitting down securely.

The innovative design, this rollator ensures that you can easily transition from sitting to standing position without putting unnecessary pressure on your body.






Topro HestiaIndoor Rollator
Width21.5in / 21 cm
Heigh21.6in / 54 cm
Length24.8in / 63 cm
Folded width39in / 100 cm
Folded height34in / 85 cm
Folded length34in / 88.5 cm
Wheel size4in / 10 cm
Frame typeAluminium
Pull out trayYes
Mesh basketYes
Slowing brakesYes


1. Why is the Topro Hestia designed specifically for indoor use?

Answer: Several elements make the Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator ideal for the home environment:
Compact Dimensions: Its narrow frame and turning circle excel in navigating tight spaces within your home.
Smaller Wheels: Optimised for smooth indoor surfaces, not rough outdoor terrain.
Specialised Tray: Perfect for carrying meals, drinks, or other items around the house.
Furniture-friendly: Rubber bumpers minimise scuffing your walls and furniture.

2. What’s so unique about the Topro Hestia’s tray?

Answer: The Topro Hestia’s tray goes beyond basic carrying functionality:
Sliding Feature: Slide it to either side for easy access while seated.
Retractable Handle: Carry the tray one-handed; it balances for you.
Smart Gadget Groove: Holds phones/tablets and amplifies their speaker sound.
Storage Net: Provides concealed storage space for additional items.

3. How does the Topro Hestia help with sitting and standing?

Answer: It features integrated, retractable stand-up handles. These provide extra leverage and support when transitioning between sitting and standing, promoting independence and stability.

4. Is the Topro Hestia easy to fold and store?

Answer: Yes! The Hestia folds into a compact, self-standing form:
Simple Folding Mechanism: Pull the release strap and it folds neatly.
Space Saving: Stores upright and the tray tucks in safely.
Stands Freely: No need to lean it against a wall.

5. How do I adjust the Topro Hestia for the perfect fit?

Answer: The key adjustable point is the handle height. Loosen the adjustment knobs, slide the handles up or down to your preferred position, and retighten securely. Additionally, the ergonomic shape of the handles with handrails accommodates various comfortable hand positions.