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Compact Aluminium Tri-Walker

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Compact Aluminium Tri-Walker


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Walk with confidence and ease using our Compact Aluminium Tri-Walker. Made from high quality aluminium, this 3 wheeled walker is sturdy yet lightweight for easy maneuverability. With looped brakes that can be locked for added security, adjustable handles, and a convenient foldable design for storage and transport, this walker has everything you need to stay active and independent.

• Adjustable handles for personalised comfort and improved posture
• Loop brakes for added safety and security when resting
• Durable, lightweight aluminum frame for easy manoeuvering
• Foldable design for convenient storage and transportation
• Attached bag for storing personal items during walks or outings


A tri-walker is a three-wheeled mobility aid designed to offer stability and support for those with balance or walking difficulties, although a 4 wheel Rollator offers the best for balance and stability, and anybody with balance issues should opt for a 4 wheel. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to manoeuvre, particularly in tight spaces or around corners. The three-wheeled design provides a smaller footprint than traditional four-wheeled walkers, making it perfect for navigating both indoors and outdoors.

Tri-walkers come with comfortable, ergonomic handles that can be adjusted to suit the user’s height, promoting better posture and reducing strain. The handles typically feature easy-to-use loop brakes that can be locked for additional security when resting just like this Compact Aluminium Tri-Walker.

An compact aluminium tri-walker includes a convenient bag mounted beneath the frame, offering storage space for personal belongings or light shopping. Some models may even feature a built-in seat like the Triumph uni-scan, allowing the user to take a brief rest when needed. For easy transportation and storage, an compact aluminium tri-walker will come with a simple folding mechanism so the device can be collapsed down to a compact size.

Overall, a tri-walker provides a dependable and adaptable walking aid that can boost confidence and enhance independence for anyone who needs a bit of extra assistance with mobility.


ModelCompact Aluminium Tri-Walker
Warranty12 Months
Wheels7in / 17.5cm Solid
BrakesYes Locking
Adjustable Handle Height30.75-37in / 78-94cm
Overall Width26.75in / 66.8cm
Product Weight4.7kg
User Weight18st / 114kg


Q: What are the benefits of a compact aluminum tri-walker?

  • Lightweight: Aluminum makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and lift, especially important for people with limited strength.
  • Portable: Compact design allows for folding and easy storage in homes, cars, or during travel.
  • Durable: Aluminum is strong and resists wear, ensuring the walker will last.
  • Versatile: Great for indoor use.

Q: How do I adjust the height of my tri-walker?

  1. Locate the adjustment knobs or clips on the walker’s legs.
  2. Loosen the knobs/clips.
  3. Raise or lower the legs to the desired height, ensuring all legs are even.
  4. Tighten the knobs/clips securely.

Q: How do I use the brakes on a tri-walker?

  1. Locate the brake levers on the handlebars.
  2. To slow down, gently squeeze the brake levers.
  3. To park the tri-walker, push the brake levers fully down until you hear/feel a click indicating the parking brake is engaged.

Q: Is there a weight limit for this tri-walker?

  • Yes. Always refer to the product’s specifications for the maximum user weight limit. It’s crucial to adhere to this limit for your safety.

Q: Can I use my compact tri-walker on uneven surfaces?

  • While tri-walkers offer more stability than standard walkers, exercise caution on uneven surfaces. Consider using  a rollator with larger wheels for rough terrain.

Q: Can I add accessories to my tri-walker?

  • Yes! Many tri-walkers are compatible with accessories like baskets, bags, cup holders, and trays. Check with the manufacturer for specific compatible accessories.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my tri-walker?

  • Wipe down the frame with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Dry thoroughly to prevent rust.
  • Periodically check all nuts and bolts for tightness.
  • Replace any worn parts like wheels or hand grips as needed.