Tri-Motor Riser Recliners

Discover the ultimate in comfort and customisation with tri-motor riser recliner chairs. These specialised chairs surpass traditional models, offering three powerful motors that work independently to create a truly personalised experience. Effortlessly adjust the backrest, footrest, and tilt-in-space feature to find your perfect position. Whether you’re seeking relief from aches and pains, improved circulation, or simply a haven of relaxation, this chair transforms your relaxation time.

The intuitive controls allow you to recline the backrest while simultaneously elevating your feet for optimal support. Enjoy tailored comfort for your head and neck with some models even offering an adjustable headrest. The tilt feature gently cradles your body, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy posture.

Tri-motor riser recliners are an investment in your well-being. With luxurious fabrics, stylish designs, they blend seamlessly into your home décor while providing extraordinary comfort and support. Experience the difference a tri-motor riser recliner can make in your life.