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Lightweight Carbon Fibre Rollator

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Lightweight Carbon Fibre Rollator


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The Athlon SL Lightweight Carbon Fibre Rollator is the epitome of ingenuity and sophistication. Designed to meet the demands of public individuals in need of top-notch mobility assistance, this revolutionary product redefines excellence. Crafted from premium carbon fibre materials, this rollator boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it unbelievably lightweight yet incredibly sturdy.

• Lightweight carbon fibre, for strength and durability
• High-quality brakes for safe and reliable performance on all terrains
• Foldable design for easy storage and transport
• Height-adjustable handles for customizable comfort
• Seat and padded backrest for added comfort while resting
• Detachable shopping bag to store personal belongings while on-the-go



The Athlon SL, a lightweight carbon fibre rollator, redefines excellence in its class. With unparalleled safety, remarkable stability, and an incredibly light design, it stands as one of the finest choices amongst carbon fibre rollators on the market.

Crafted with timeless aesthetics blended seamlessly with engineering prowess, this unique rollator combines both form and function flawlessly. Its sleek yet sturdy frame exudes elegance while ensuring optimal performance.

Wherever your journeys take you – be it bustling city streets or serene parks rest assured that the  super lightweight Athlon SL 4 wheeled walker will be there by your side as a reliable mobile companion for everyday life. Its versatility knows no bounds.

To enhance user safety further, the Athlon SL lightweight carbon fibre rollator incorporates cutting-edge features that prioritize your well-being without compromise. From ergonomic handlebars allowing comfortable grip to adjustable brakes enabling precise control over movement; this exceptional rollator empowers you to move with confidence and grace.

Discover for yourself what makes the Athlon SL unparalleled in its class: experience unrivaled quality, reliability, and style fused together seamlessly within this extraordinary lightweight carbon fibre rollator.


ModelCarbon Fibre Rollator
Warranty12 Months
Back RestYes
BrakesYes Locking
Wheels8in / 20cm Solid
Seat HeightMed 22in / 55cm, Tall 25in / 62cm
Adjustable Seat HeightNo
Adjustable Handle HeightMed 26.4-34.4in / 66-86cm, Tall 29.6-40.8in / 74-102cm
Overall Width23in / 57.5cm
Product Weight5kg / 11lbs
Max User Weight23.5st / 150kg
ColoursRed, White, Grey & Black


1. How light is the Athlon SL Carbon Fibre Rollator?

The Athlon SL is extremely lightweight due to its carbon fibre construction. Depending on the size, the weight ranges from approximately 5kg to 5.4kg (roughly 11 – 12 lbs). This makes it one of the lightest rollators on the market.

2. Is the Athlon SL easy to manoeuvre?

Yes! Its lightweight design, sturdy frame, and smooth wheels provide easy handling and stability. This makes it suitable for tight spaces indoors and various outdoor terrain.

3. How do I fold and transport the Carbon Fibre Athlon SL?

The Athlon SL has a simple folding mechanism. The patented ‘Click & Safe’ system offers an intuitive folding process and also keeps the rollator securely closed for storage or transport. You can lift it using the handle built into the seat.

4. Is the Athlon SL comfortable to use?

Absolutely. It features ergonomically designed handles that are height-adjustable for your ideal posture. There is also an optional padded seat for an even more comfortable rest when needed.

5. Does the Athlon Rollator come with any accessories?

Yes, there’s a range of accessories designed to enhance your experience with the Athlon SL. Some popular options include:

Transportation bag
Waterproof basket
One-hand brake system
Slow-down brakes
Serving tray