Powered Wheelchairs

Revolutionary powered wheelchairs are pushing the boundaries of mobility and independence. These state-of-the-art mobility aids combine technology and intuitive design, providing unprecedented freedom. With the ability to seamlessly navigate a variety of surfaces, these chairs effortlessly adapt to different environments. Advanced controls ensure effortless maneuvering, empowering users to confidently navigate through narrow spaces and busy surroundings

Personalisation is essential. Versatile characteristics such as seat placement, armrests, and controls offer individualised support and relaxation. From durable options crafted for outdoor exploration to stylish, contemporary chairs created for indoor mobility, there is an ideal match for every requirement. Advanced functions like power tilting, reclining, and leg elevation bring a heightened sense of management and comfort.

Modern powered wheelchairs encompass far more than just assistive technology. They signify a higher level of living, a broader range of opportunities, and the empowering autonomy of movement.

We supply equipment to areas, such as, Basingstoke and surrounding areas such as Winchester, Alton, Fleet, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Tadley