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topro olympos atr premium rollator
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Topro Olympos ATR Premium Rollator

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Topro Olympos ATR Premium Rollator


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Experience the unrivalled freedom of movement with the Topro Olympos ATR Premium Rollator, meticulously crafted to cater to all your outdoor mobility needs. This remarkable All Terrain Rollator offers an unparalleled level of support and reliability.

  • Ergonomic handle (TOPRO Ergo Grip) offers comfortable grip and promotes correct walking posture
  • Armrests provide additional support and stability while seated
  • Lateral folding technology allows for easy one-handed operation and compact storage
  • Detachable spacious water-resistant shopping bag in trendy grey fabric print for convenience and style
  • Sturdy wheels for smooth and safe mobility on various surfaces
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Experience the ultimate outdoor mobility solution with the Topro Olympos ATR Premium Rollator.

Designed exclusively for outdoor use, the wide construction of the Topro Olympos ATR Rollator’ which stands for “All Terrain Rollator” guarantees  stability and maximum support amidst challenging terrains. Whether you’re strolling through uneven paths or conquering rugged landscapes, rest assured that your safety remains uncompromised.

Equipped with large front wheels and shock-absorbing off-road tyres, this remarkable rollator effortlessly glides over any surface with ease. Say goodbye to uncomfortable jolts or unsettling vibrations during your adventurous pursuits – the Olympos ATR Premium Rollator ensures a smooth and seamless experience throughout.



Topro OlymposSmallMedium
Warranty12 Months12 Months
Back RestYesYes
Front Wheels11in / 28cm11in / 28cm
Rear Wheels9in / 23cm9in / 23cm
BrakesYes lockingYes locking
Seat Height21.6in / 54cm24in / 60cm
Seat Width18.8in / 47cm18.8in / 47cm
Adjustable Seat HeightNoNo
Adjustable Handle Height27.6-34.6in / 69-86.5cm30.4-38.2in / 76-95.5cm
Overall Width26.7in / 68cm 26.7in / 68cm
Product Weight8.7kg8.9kg
Max User Weight23.5st / 150kg23.5st / 150kg
ColoursSilver, Black & RedSilver, Black & Red


1. What makes the Topro Olympos ATR special?

All-terrain capability: Designed with large wheels and robust construction for handling cobblestones, gravel paths, and uneven surfaces.
High comfort: Features a comfortable seat, padded backrest, and ergonomic handles for extended use.
Enhanced stability: The unique design provides excellent support and confidence while walking, even on slopes.

2. Who is this rollator best suited for?

Active individuals who want to remain mobile and independent outdoors, regardless of terrain.
People with stability concerns who need reliable support when walking.
Those with conditions like arthritis who benefit from a comfortable seat and ergonomic design.

3. How adjustable is the Topro Olympos ATR?

Handle height: The handles can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of user heights for optimal posture.
Accessories: Optional add-ons like a cane holder or tray provide further customisability.

4. Is it easy to fold and transport?

Yes! The Olympos ATR has a simple folding mechanism that makes it compact for storage or putting into a car boot.
Locking clip: A built-in clip keeps the rollator secured in its folded position.

5. What colors and options are available?

The Topro Olympos ATR comes in Matt finish colors of silver, black, or red.