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Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair

karma ergo125 transit wheelchair

Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair


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Made from durable aluminium, the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair wheelchair boasts an array of features catering to your specific needs. With detachable swing-away footrests and flip-back armrests, manoeuvring in and out becomes a breeze, granting you newfound independence throughout your day.

• Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and storage
• Double cross brace for enhanced durability and stability
• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and support while sitting
• Foldable backrest and detachable footrests for convenient storage and transport
• Quick-release wheels for effortless maneuvering and convenient transfers

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Experience effortless mobility with the Karma Ergo 125 Transit wheelchair. Designed & made by Karma Mobility, this exceptional piece has been meticulously designed and constructed to cater to your utmost convenience. Boasting a double cross brace that enhances its durability, this transit wheelchair is truly built to last.

What sets the Ergo 125 apart is its remarkable construction lightweight aluminium, which guarantees exceptional strength without compromising comfort. Effortlessly glide through most terrains with unparalleled ease and maneuverability no longer will you feel held back by cumbersome equipment.

With every detail carefully considered, this lightweight transit wheelchair ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for public use. Whether it be navigating bustling city streets or exploring new destinations, experience ultimate freedom as you effortlessly move from place to place.

Invest in the epitome of reliability and practicality today – choose the Karma Ergo 125 Transit wheelchair at Southern Mobility Services in Basingstoke. It’s time to embrace enhanced mobility while maintaining an air of professionalism that perfectly suits your needs.

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ModelErgo 125 Transit
Warranty12 Months
FrameAircraft Grade Aluminium
BrakesAttendant & Parking
Leg RestsSwingaway & Detachable
Foot PlatesHeight Adjustable & Flip up
Rear Wheels14in / 35cm
Fronts Castors7in / 17.5cm
Folding BackYes
Seat CushionPadded Upholstery
Seat Width16, 18 & 20in
Arm RestFixed
Crash TestedYes
Chair Weight13kg /28.6lbs
Max User Weight18st / 115kg
ColoursRed & Silver


Q1: Is the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair lightweight?

Answer Yes, the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair is known for being lightweight. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum, which keeps the weight down while maintaining strength. This makes it easier to transport and manoeuver, especially for frequent travellers or those who need to navigate tight spaces.

Q2: Is the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair comfortable?

Answer: The Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair features the S-Ergo seating system, which was designed to provide optimal comfort and posture support. The seat upholstery and pads are also treated with Aegis Microbe Shield to reduce odor and stains, contributing to an overall more comfortable experience.

Q3: How do the footrests work on the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair?

Answer: This wheelchair has patented swinging footrests. These footrests swing inward and outward, making it easier for users to get in and out of the chair.

Q4: Can I push myself in the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair?

Answer: No, the Karma Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair is a transit wheelchair, meaning it is designed to be pushed by a caregiver. For a self-propelling wheelchair, you would need to look at the Karma Ergo 125 Self Propelled model.


Q5: What is the difference between the Ergo 115 and 125 models

Answer: The difference between the 2 models is that the Ergo 125 has lift up arms to enable the user to get closer to tables should the need arise and for side transferring.