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Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair

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Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair


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The Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair is a remarkable piece of equipment that combines lightweight design with unbeatable comfort and convenience. Made from high-quality aluminium, this wheelchair offers exceptional durability while remaining incredibly easy to maneuver.

• Lightweight aluminium wheelchair for easy transport
• ‘S’ shape seat provides optimal pressure distribution
• High-quality mesh fabric seat and backrest
• Foldable design for convenient storage and travel
• Adjustable footrests with heel straps for added security
• 115 kg weight capacity for a wide range of users
• Easy-to-use brakes for safe stopping
• Quick release wheels for effortless maintenance

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The Karma Ergo 115 self propelled wheelchair that offers exceptional comfort and convenience. Its ergonomic ‘S’ shape seat ensures optimal pressure distribution and prevents any unwanted slippage. Made with high-quality mesh fabric, the seat and backrest provide breathability and comfort throughout extended use.

With removable seat and backrest pads, the Ergo 115 offers customizable support tailored to individual preferences. The wheelchair is equipped with a dual braking system, featuring slowing brakes at the pushing handles and parking brakes at the wheels, ensuring the user’s safety and control.

For added convenience, the footrests can be easily detached, and the backrest folds down, allowing for compact storage and hassle-free transportation in the boot of a car.

Experience unparalleled comfort, reliability, and versatility with the Karma Ergo 115 self propelled wheelchair. Move with confidence and enjoy newfound freedom with this exceptional mobility solution.



ModelErgo 115 Self Propelled
Warranty12 Months
Folding BackYes
Seat CushionPadded Upholstery
Seat Width16,18 & 20in
Leg RestsSwingaway & Detachable
Foot PlatesHeight Adjustable & Flip up
Arm RestFixed
BrakesAttendant and Parking
Anti TipsYes
Rear Wheels24in / 60cm Solid
Front Castors7in / 17.5cm Solid
FrameAircraft Grade Aluminium
Crash TestedYes
Overall Weight14kg / 30.8lbs
Max User Weight18st / 115kg
ColoursRed & Silver


Is a Self Propelled wheelchair right for me?

The decision to use a self propelled wheelchair is a personal one and should be based on your individual needs and preferences. However, the Karma Ergo 115 offers numerous features that make it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Am i too old to use a Self Propelled wheelchair myself ?

Age is not a limitation when it comes to using the Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair. While it does require some strength and physical ability to use, our wheelchair is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for people of all ages. We believe that everyone deserves the freedom and independence of being able to move around on their own terms, and our ergonomic design ensures that users can comfortably navigate their surroundings without feeling fatigued or strained. However, if an electric wheelchair is preferred, we also offer a range of options for individuals who may need assistance with mobility. Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s personal preference and needs when choosing between a self propelled or electric wheelchair.

Is a self propelled wheelchair good on bumpy ground?

Generally modern wheelchairs are made with solid tyres rather than inflatable ones, as it stops the need to keep pumping the tyres up, wheelchair with infatable tyres do need to have the tyres pumped up every week, and for some wheelchair users that may not be possible. However the inflatable tyres are 80% better over bumpy ground, due to the air in the tyres creating a suspension giving a more comfortable ride along with the large rear wheels that track over bumps better than small rear wheels.

Budget wheelchairs tend to have much harder tyres and low grade front castors that can break, also very limited padding on the seats.

When you look at the Karma range like the Ergo 115 self propelled wheelchair it has all the best possible features to be able to deal with lumps & bumps.

Are self propelled wheelchairs heavy?

The weight of a self propelled wheelchair varies depending on its size and design, but our Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair is specifically designed to be lightweight without compromising on durability. With its aluminum frame and compact design, it is easy to maneuver and transport, making it a perfect choice for both the user and anyone assisting them.

Can i fit a self propelled wheelchair in my car?

Absolutely! The Karma Ergo 115 Self Propelled Wheelchair is designed to be lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport in your car. Additionally, our wheelchair is versatile and can be further simplified for transportation by disassembling or removing certain parts such as the wheels, footrests, or seat cushions. This ensures that you can take your self propelled wheelchair with you wherever you go, without any hassle or inconvenience. Our goal at Karma is to provide accessibility and convenience for all individuals, regardless of their mobility needs. So rest assured, our self propelled wheelchairs are designed with transportation in mind.


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