karma flexx tall transit adjustable frame basingstoke
karma flexx tall wheelchair half folding back fleet
karma flexx tall wheelchair side view camberley
karma flexx tall wheelchair transit folded
karma flexx tall wheelchair transit lift up arms
karma flexx tall wheelchair transit lift up arms rests
karma flexx tall wheelchair transit quick release wheels
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Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair

karma flexx transit tall wheelchair basingstoke

Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair


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Get unmatched performance with the Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair. Made especifically for tall people, this upgraded version of the renowned Flexx Series is your ideal custom-made wheelchair. Discover a wide range of options to perfectly match you and your needs. Trust in our expertise and elevate your mobility with confidence!


• Fully adjustable for optimal comfort and performance
• Lightweight aluminium frame for easy maneuverability
• Foldable design for convenient storage and transport
• Quick-release wheels for effortless customization
• Padded armrests and footrests for additional comfort
• Construction with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
• Easy-to-use brakes for added safety and control
• Comes with a storage pouch for convenient carrying



Designed for those seeking both style and functionality, the Karma Flexx Tall Tansit Wheelchair offers unparalleled configurability. Every feature can be effortlessly adjusted to ensure optimal comfort and performance tailored specifically for you. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a seamless mobility experience!

With its lightweight aluminium frame, manoeuvrability becomes an absolute breeze. Easily navigate through any terrain or crowded spaces without feeling weighed down by heavy equipment. The Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair is your trusted companion in every adventure.

Customization is at the heart of this remarkable wheelchair—allowing you to personalize it according to your unique needs. From seat width and depth adjustments to footplate positioning, every aspect of the Flexx can be tailored precisely for a perfect fit.

Embrace freedom like never before as you effortlessly glide along on reliable castor wheels that provide stability and smoothness in each movement. With the Karma Flexx Tall Transit Wheelchair, no obstacle will stand in your way towards achieving independence

Seat Width (inch) 16/17/18/19
Seat Depth (inch) 19/20
Rear Wheel Size 14F/14Q
Seat Width (cm) 40.5/43/45.5/48
Seat Depth (cm) 48.5/51
Seat Height (cm) 46~53
Backrest Height (cm) 43、51、38~46
Armrest Height (cm) 22~24、21~29
Calf Length (cm) 38~48
Backrest Angle (X°) (-4)~16
Seat Angle (X°) 3~7
Max. User Weight (kg) 130
Weight W/O Accessories (kg) Min. 10.6
Total Weight (kg) Min. 15.2
Overall L x W x H (cm) 115*59*84
Overall Collapsed L x W x H (cm) Collapsed Width = 34
Crash Tested Yes