supascoota supalite 3 suspension test
supascoota supalite 3 outside demonstration
supascoota supalite 3 portable mobility scooter basingstoke
supascoota supalite 3 portable mobility scooter newbury
supascoota supalite 3 motor image
supascoota supalite 3 portable mobility scooter hand control
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SupaScoota SupaLite

supa scoota supalite 3 portable mobility scooter basingstoke

SupaScoota SupaLite


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New to the SupaScoota Range comes the SupaLite portable mobility scooter. An Alloy portable scooter that weighs just 45lbs / 20.4 kgs complete.

• Lightweight and portable design for easy transport and storage
• Full-size scooter with a weight capacity of up to 127 kg
• Easy fold and unfold mechanism for quick set-up and pack-up
• Powerful lithium-ion battery for a range of up to 10 km on a single charge
• Comfortable swivel seat and adjustable steering tiller for customizable riding experience
• Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, easily manoeuvre around tight spaces or rough terrain



The SupaScoota SupaLite: Your Ultimate Lightweight Mobility Solution

Experience the true definition of effortless mobility with the revolutionary SupaScoota SupaLite. Expertly designed to cater to your every need, this full-size folding scooter is a game-changer in the world of personal transportation.

Weighing a mere 13.6 kg when folded, equivalent to no more than a couple of bags of shopping, the SupaScoota SupaLite redefines convenience. Its lightweight construction allows you to effortlessly lift and maneuver it with minimal effort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an unparalleled mobility experience.

Thanks to its ingenious foldable design, this remarkable scooter can be easily collapsed within seconds – enabling you to swiftly transport and store it without any hassle. Whether you’re heading out on a spontaneous adventure or simply need to run errands around town, effortlessly stowing away your trusted companion has never been easier!

Equipped with a cutting-edge Panasonic lightweight lithium battery that seamlessly clicks off for charging purposes, our innovation knows no bounds. With the ability to leave your scooter intact while recharging its power source separately, we prioritize uninterrupted functionality at all times.

Say goodbye to limitations and embrace newfound freedom as you glide through life’s daily challenges with ease. The SupaScoota Supalite empowers individuals from all walks of life by providing them with an exceptional means of independent transportation.



Warranty12 months
Portable / Car Bootyes
Adjustable Tillerno
Front Basketoptional
Adjustable Seatfolding only
Front Wheel Diameter8in / 20cm
Rear Wheel Diameter8in / 20cm
Max Length38in / 97cm
Max Width22.5in / 57cm
Scooter Weight20kg / 45lbs
Heaviest Part13.6kg / 29.9lbs
Battery CapacityLithium 11.6ah
RangeUp to 8 miles
Max User Weight16st
Colourmetallic matt red