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Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair

rise and recline chair basingstoke 1

Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair


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Crafted with utmost care, every detail of the Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair exudes quality. Its robust mechanism ensures durability while providing exceptional stability and strength when supporting users of varying weights. Rest assured knowing that this remarkable rise and recline chair will remain steadfast even after years of use.

• Dual motor system allows for independent adjustment of the backrest and footrest
• Easy-to-use remote control with built-in USB charging port
• Luxurious Button Back style with deep buttoned back cushion for comfort
• Crafted with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting use
• Ideal for those who need extra support and assistance while sitting or standing up
• Available in a range of colors to suit any home decor.


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Single Motor
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Dual Motor Tilt in Space
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Lateral Back
the royal riser recliner back cushions
Royal Back (+£50.00)
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Button Back (+£100.00)
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T Back
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Scroll Arm
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Square Arm
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Splayed Arm
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Modern Arm
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Cassino Stone
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The Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair offers the perfect seating experience for individuals seeking both comfort and style. As one of the many exceptional styles available from Rise and Recline, this chair is designed to adapt to various shapes and sizes, ensuring personalized comfort for all.

Featuring a dual motor mechanism, the Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair provides separate control over both the backrest and leg rest, enabling you to find your ultimate seating position effortlessly. Whether you desire complete relaxation or prefer a more upright posture, this chair caters to your specific needs with unrivalled precision.

Incorporating larger wings than its counterparts in the Regal design range, the delivers enhanced support that wraps around you like a comforting embrace. These spacious wings provide not only physical support but also serve as an aesthetically pleasing feature that adds elegance and sophistication to any room.

Upgrade your relaxation experience with the Riser Recliner Dual Motor Chair – where versatility meets impeccable design. Indulge yourself in unparalleled comfort as you discover newfound levels of relaxation tailored specifically for you by Southern Mobility Services in Basingstoke.

Removable Back Cushions No
Fabric Standard Vinyl Leather Panvelle
Arme Cover as standard No
Side Pockets Yes
Motors 2
Battery Back Up Yes
Seat to Floor Made to Measure
Seat Depth & Depth Made to Measure
Frame Metal
Reclining Positions Infinite Reclining Position
User Weight 18st
Back Zip Cushions No
Colour Multiple swatches
Warranty 12 months