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Invacare Aviva RX 40 Powerchair

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Invacare Aviva RX 40 Powerchair


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The Invacare Aviva RX 40 Powerchair redefines rear-wheel drive powerchairs. Its compact design offers exceptional manoeuvrability indoors, while the advanced CTC suspension ensures a smooth and controlled ride outdoors. The LiNX smart technology adapts to your driving style for consistent performance. This highly customisable chair features the Modulite seating system, allowing adjustments for personalised comfort and support. Experience the blend of sleek style, versatility, and innovative performance with the Invacare Aviva RX 40 Powerchair.


• Rear-wheel drive model with superior suspension and center of gravity management for a smooth, controlled ride
• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use with unmatched traction and stability
• Compact 560mm base and tight turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight spaces
• Innovative design ensures a comfortable and ergonomic seating position
• Easy to operate with simple control panel and joystick steering
• Can be customised to fit individual needs with adjustable seating options
• Sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to any environment.

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The Invacare AVIVA RX 40 Powerchair redefines performance for rear-wheel drive models. Its innovative design focuses on superior suspension and center of gravity management for an incredibly smooth, controlled ride. You’ll experience unmatched traction and stability even over challenging terrain, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The compact 560mm base and tight turning radius allow for exceptional maneuverability in smaller spaces.

Customisation is key with the Invacare Aviva RX40 Powerchair. The seating system adapts with you, offering numerous adjustments for width, length, suspension, height, and center of gravity. It even accommodates a range of battery sizes, motor speeds, wheel sizes, and other options to tailor the chair perfectly for your needs.

The RX40 incorporates Invacare’s intelligent LiNX system. This technology learns your driving style and adapts the motor response accordingly, ensuring consistent performance. The optional G-Trac feature keeps your powerchair on a reliably straight path, eliminating the need for constant corrections. LiNX also opens up exciting possibilities with touchscreen displays and advanced control options.

The Invacare AVIVA RX 40 Powerchair stands out with its sleek design and modern color choices for a fresh, personalized look in a powerchair. If you prioritise both indoor agility and outdoor capability in a highly adjustable chair, the AVIVA RX40 delivers.


ModelAviva RX40
Warranty12 Months
Seat Width38,43, 48 or 53cm
Seat Depth41,46 or 51cm
Seat Height17,18 or 19in / 43, 46 or 48cm
ArmrestsVarious Options
Leg RestsVarious Options
FootplateOptional, powered or manual
Drive Wheels14in / 30.8cm pneumatic or solid
Castors8 or 9in / 20 or 22.5cm pneumatic or solid
Seat TiltManual or Powered
ReclineManual or Powered
Electric Seat LiftOptional
Speed4,6 & 8mph / 6, 10 & 12.5km/h
Motors2 X 340W
RangeUp to 29 miles / 47km
Battery60 or 73ah
Crash TestedYes
Turning Radius60 - 83in / 150-208cm
Max Gradient6, 10 degrees
Overall weightfrom 105 - 185kg
Max User Weight21st / 133kg
ColoursBlack, Silver, Red, Mercury Blue & Midnight Purple.