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Pride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair

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Pride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair


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With just the touch of a switch, prepare to be amazed as the Jazzy Air® 2 seat effortlessly elevates itself by an impressive 300 mm in a mere 11 seconds. This groundbreaking feature allows you to effortlessly customize your seating height, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience like never before.

• Innovative power chair with sleek style and exceptional functionality
• Elevates seat 10 inches in just 11 seconds at the touch of a button
• Adjustable seat height to accommodate various environments and tasks
• Easy maneuverability with tight turning radius and mid-wheel drive technology
• Patented Active-Trac Suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride over varied terrain
• Comfortable and customizable seating options for optimal support and positioning
• Portable, quick-charging battery for longer lasting use on the go
• Intuitive joystick control for effortless navigation
• Durable construction with weight capacity up to 300 lbs.

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See a new level of freedom and independence with the Pride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair. Designed to cater to your every need, this power chair combines sleek style with exceptional functionality.

At the touch of a switch, witness the effortless elevation of the Pride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair seat – rising an impressive 300 mm in just 11 seconds. This innovative feature allows you to effortlessly adjust your seating height, enabling face-to-face social engagement and enhancing your overall mobility experience.

Not only does this power chair offer an elevated perspective on life, but it also ensures superior performance and stability. Equipped with Mid-Wheel 6 Drive technology and Active-Trac Suspension, the Jazzy Air® 2 effortlessly maneuvers through various terrains both indoors and outdoors.

Navigate through tight spaces or cruise along sidewalks at speeds up to 4mph on thePride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair  while enjoying utmost comfort and safety. The modern design of this power chair is not only visually appealing but also engineered for maximum durability.