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TGA Vita E 8mph Mobility Scooter

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TGA Vita E 8mph Mobility Scooter


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The TGA Vita E 8mph Mobility Scooter: Enhancing Your Independence and Comfort on the Go

Designed with your mobility needs in mind, the TGA Vita E is a versatile and reliable solution for those seeking both road and pavement use. Available in sleek black or timeless bronze, this scooter effortlessly complements your personal style while ensuring a smooth ride

• 8mph top speed for a smooth and swift ride
• Full suspension system provides a comfortable and stable driving experience
• High ground clearance allows you to navigate through various terrains
• Easy-to-use digital display panel with speedometer, battery life indicator
• LED headlight, brake lights, and indicators ensure visibility
• Ergonomic design with adjustable seat height and angle


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Experience the epitome of style and unrivaled performance with the TGA Vita E 8mph Mobility Scooter. As part of TGA’s esteemed Vita range, this latest addition combines cutting-edge design elements with exceptional functionality to truly elevate your mobility experience.

Setting itself apart from the crowd, the Vita E 8mph Mobility Scooter boasts a sleek and modern finish that is guaranteed to catch eyes wherever you go. Its streamlined bodywork exudes elegance, while the inclusion of high-tech LED headlights adds an extra touch of sophistication. With color options in either black or bronze, you can choose a scooter that perfectly complements your personal style.



ModelVita E
Warranty12 Months
Lights & IndicatorsYes
Overall Length54in / 137cm
Overall Width26in / 66cm
Total Weight117kg / 258lbs
Turning Radius49in / 125cm
Swivel SeatYes
Reclining SeatYes
Ground Clearance3in / 7cm
Motor4-Pole 750watt
RangeUp to 25miles
Max User Weight23st / 145kg
Speed 8mph
Wheel size12.5in / 32cm
ColoursBlack & Bronze


1: How fast is the TGA Vita E and what’s its range?

The TGA Vita E is classified as a Class 3 mobility scooter, reaching a top speed of 8 mph. Its range is approximately 20 miles on a full battery charge.

2: What features does the TGA Vita E have for comfort and safety?

The Vita E prioritises comfort with:
A fully adjustable captain’s seat.
Full suspension for a smooth ride.
A full lighting system (front, rear, indicators) for safety.

3: Is the TGA Vita E suitable for various terrains?

The Vita E is designed for smooth pavements, roads, and moderately uneven terrain. Its robust build gives it the capability to handle some off-road paths.
4: Can I disassemble the TGA Vita E for storage or transport?

Yes, the TGA Vita E can be partially disassembled for easier storage or transport in a suitable vehicle.

5: What is the user weight limit for the TGA Vita E?

The maximum recommended user weight for the TGA Vita E is 23 stone / 146 kg .