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mayfair evoloution captains seat
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Mayfair Evolution 4mph Mobility Scooter

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Mayfair Evolution 4mph Mobility Scooter


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Featuring the Mayfair Evolution 4mph Mobility Scooter with a highly supportive Captain seat, luxuriously padded to provide unparalleled comfort and style, you can now embark on your journeys in absolute relaxation. But that’s not all – our innovative design

• Comfortable seat with adjustable armrests and swivel feature for ease of use
• Front and rear suspension for a smooth ride on various terrains
• Easy-to-use controls for simple operation
• Pneumatic tyres provide stability and traction on any surface
• LED headlight and taillight for added safety during low light conditions

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Get mobile with the Mayfair Evolution 4mph Mobility Scooter. Crafted for the discerning public seeking both practicality and reliability, this versatile scooter empowers active individuals to explore their surroundings independently.

Unleash your sense of adventure as you embark on thrilling journeys with ease. The Mayfair Evolution ensures a luxuriously comfortable ride through its highly supportive Captain seat, thoughtfully designed with generous padding that embraces both style and comfort in perfect harmony.

Tailored to meet your unique needs, this remarkable scooter offers unparalleled adjustability. With a convenient swivel action feature, folding arms, and the ability to effortlessly slide forwards or backwards, it seamlessly adapts to your desired position – providing ultimate flexibility for any occasion or terrain.

Say goodbye to limitations and embrace newfound liberation as you effortlessly navigate through bustling streets and tranquil landscapes alike. Whether you seek an exhilarating city excursion or a peaceful countryside retreat, let the Mayfair Evolution be your trusted companion on every unforgettable adventure.

Enhance your everyday life by investing in a mobility solution that transcends societal barriers while complementing professional standards. Revolutionize your world today with the extraordinary Mayfair Evolution 4mph Mobility Scooter – where boundless exploration meets unrivaled quality.


Mayfair Evolution4mph Mobility Scooter
Length120cm / 48in
Width56cm / 22in
Ground clearance3.25in
Turning circle144cm / 57in
Tyres10in pneumatic
LightsYes Lights & Indicators
SeatAdjustable Captains Seat
Maximum speed4mph / 6.5km
Maximum rangeUp to 25 miles
Batteries36ah or 50ah
Scooter weight170lbs / 77kg
Max user weight21st / 132kg
ColoursRed or Blue