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Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair

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Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair


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Discover the pinnacle of mobility with the Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair – an epitome of elegance and efficiency. Crafted to perfection, this extraordinary creation is revered as one of the lightest wheelchairs available in the market today, weighing a mere 8kg when fully assembled.

Designed to revolutionize your daily routine, the Ergo Lite2 exudes an aura of sophistication


• Lightweight design, weighing only 8kg
• Compact folding mechanism
• Ergonomic self-propel wheels
• Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest
• Durable and high-quality construction
• Perfect for individuals with limited mobility

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Introducing the Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair – the epitome of lightweight mobility. Weighing in at just 10kg complete, this wheelchair offers unparalleled convenience and portability. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, it ensures a comfortable and smooth ride for users.

Designed to empower individuals with limited mobility, the Ergo Lite 2 is a remarkable combination of functionality and style. Its self-propelled feature allows users to effortlessly navigate their surroundings, offering a sense of independence and freedom.

The Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair is not only lightweight, but also incredibly durable. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the ergonomic design provides optimal comfort even during extended use.

With its sleek and modern appearance, this wheelchair is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, running errands, or simply enjoying a day out with loved ones, the Ergo Lite 2 will be your reliable companion, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Discover the freedom and mobility that the Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propelled Wheelchair brings. Explore our range of Karma products at Southern Mobility Services and embark on a new journey of mobility and independence today.


1: How lightweight is the Karma Ergo Lite 2?

Answer: It’s incredibly lightweight! The complete wheelchair weighs approximately 10.4 kg (23 lbs). If you remove the rear wheels and footrests, the transportable weight comes down to an impressive 6.4kg (14 lbs) which makes it just about the lightest off the shelf wheelchair.

FAQ #2: What advantages does the S-Ergo seating system offer?

Answer: The S-Ergo system is designed to enhance comfort and posture:
Pressure Relief: The unique shape of the seat helps to distribute pressure more evenly, minimizing the risk of pressure sores.
Reduced Sliding: The contoured seating helps keep the user positioned correctly, preventing them from sliding forward.

FAQ #3: How easy is it to manoeuvre the Karma Ergo Lite 2?

Answer: This wheelchair is designed for smooth and effortless manoeuvering. Features like ergonomic handrims, lightweight construction, and large rear wheels all contribute to its ease of self-propulsion.

FAQ #4: Is it easy to get in and out of the wheelchair?

Answer: The Karma Ergo Lite 2 is equipped with detachable, swing-away footrests that can be easily moved out of the way to aid in transfers.

FAQ #5: How compact is the Karma Ergo Lite 2 for storage and transportation?

Answer: It folds down with ease and becomes highly compact:
Half-Folding Backrest: This feature reduces the height for streamlined storage.
Quick-Release Rear Wheels: Removing the wheels lessons the size significantly.
Important Note: For comprehensive specifications and instructions, always refer to the Karma Ergo Lite 2 product manual.
When selecting a wheelchair, it’s best to have a proper measuring and assessment.
Please call Southern Mobility Services on 01256 335900 where our wheelchair specialists will be able to carry out a full assessment.


ModelErgo Lite 2 Self Propelled
Warranty12 Months
BrakesAttendant & Parking
Leg RestsSwingaway & Detachable
FootplatesHeight Adjustable Flip up
Arm RestFixed
Folding BackYes
Seat CushionNo
Anti Tips Optional
Seat Width16 & 18in
FrameAircraft Grade Aluminium
Crash TestedNo
Overall Weight 10kg / 22lbs
Max User Weight16st / 100kg