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Illusion Portable Mobility Scooter

illusion aluminium portable mobility scooter basingstoke

Illusion Portable Mobility Scooter


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It’s here ! The Illusion Portable Mobility Scooter – the epitome of lightweight Aluminium innovation! Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminium components and equipped with a remarkably powerful lithium battery pack, this scooter takes pride in being the lightest 4-wheel, car transportable, full suspension scooter on the planet. Unleash your mobility potential with confidence and embrace unrivaled freedom on-the-go.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless possibilities – embrace independence today!

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Unlock the freedom to go anywhere with the revolutionary Illusion Portable Mobility Scooter! Experience unparalleled convenience as its Aluminium lightweight design effortlessly splits apart and reassembles with ease. At under 10kg, it’s a breeze to lift into your car or take along on any adventure. With innovative tiller controls, confidently navigate your way using either fingers or thumbs.

Experience the ultimate comfort and freedom with the Illusion Portable Mobility Scooter. With its advanced adjustable suspension system and luxurious padded seat, every journey is guaranteed to be smooth and enjoyable. Our uniquely designed shrouding ensures a spacious seating position for users of all heights, including taller individuals. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless mobility – choose the Illusion today!



ModelIllusionIllusion Endurance
Warranty12 Months12 Months
Overall Length41in / 103cm41in / 103cm
Overall Width19.6in / 49cm19.6in / 49cm
Seat Width18.4in / 46cm18.4in / 46cm
Tyres7.5in / 18.75cm solid7.5in / 18.75cm solid
LightsYes - Front lightYes - Front light
Total Weight30kg / 66lbs31.5kg / 69lbs
Heaviest Part9.9kg / 21.7lbs9.9kg / 21.7lbs
RangeUp to 10 MilesUp to 20 Miles
Battery24V 10ah Lithium24V 20ah Lithium
Turning Radius54in / 135cm54in / 135cm
Max Gradient
Ground ClearanceMid Frame 2in / 5cmMid Frame 2in / 5cm
Max User Weight18st / 115kg18st / 115kg
ColoursPearl Grey, Purple and BluePearl Grey, Purple and Blue


FAQ 1: What makes the Illusion special?

  • Answer: The Illusion is an ultra-lightweight and portable mobility scooter. Its folding design and easy disassembly mean it’s perfect for travel, fitting easily into the car boot, public transport, or storage in smaller spaces.

FAQ 2: What is the user weight limit?

  • Answer: The weight limit on the Illusion is 18st (113 kg)

FAQ 3: What’s the battery range ?

  • Answer: The Illusion has a choice of lithium battery, a 10ah which is capable of up to 10 miles and a 20ah that will last for up to 20 miles on a charge.

FAQ 4: Is the Illusion suitable for all terrains?

  • Answer: The Illusion ortable mobility scooter is designed primarily for smooth surfaces like pavements, shopping centers, and indoors. It could struggle with rougher ground or steep inclines.

FAQ 5: What features does the One Rehab Illusion have?

  • Answer:
    • Comfortable padded seat (swivelling)
    • Suspension
    • Ultra lightweight frame
    • Front light
    • Basket
    • Option to upgrade with larger battery for extended range