AreoLite Trekker Portable Powerchair

areolite trekker portable powerchair

AreoLite Trekker Portable Powerchair


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The Aerolite Trekker Portable Powerchair from Motion Healthcare is a professional-grade solution for individuals looking for versatile mobility assistance. With its sleek design and intelligent features, this folding electric wheelchair offers exceptional comfort and ease of use. Equipped with anti-tip wheels and an advanced suspension system, it can navigate rough terrain while maintaining stability and safety. The large rear wheels provide solid traction, ensuring a smooth ride wherever you go. Upgrade to the Aerolite Trekker for unparalleled convenience in your everyday travels.

  • Lightweight and Foldable: Effortlessly folds for easy transport and storage, making it perfect for travel and everyday use.
  • Long Range: Dual lithium batteries offer an impressive range of up to 18 miles on a single charge.
  • Comfortable and Customisable: Features an adjustable backrest and armrests for personalized comfort, as well as a flip-up footrest for easy access.
  • Enhanced Safety: Equipped with anti-tip wheels for stability on slopes and bright LED lights for increased visibility.
  • User-Friendly: Simple controls and intuitive design make it easy to operate, even for those new to powerchairs.


The AreoLite Trekker Portable Powerchair is a portable powerchair that blends innovative design with exceptional performance to give users unparalleled freedom and mobility. Weighing just 18.5kg, the Trekker is incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it perfect for navigating both indoor and outdoor environments. The chair’s compact size allows for easy transportation and storage, fitting seamlessly into car trunks and airplane overhead compartments. Despite its lightweight nature, the AareoLite Trekker boasts a robust frame and powerful motors, capable of carrying a maximum user weight of 136kg.

The AreoLite Trekker Portable Powerchair offers a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its advanced suspension system and ergonomic seating. The chair’s intuitive controls are simple to learn and operate, allowing users to effortlessly navigate tight spaces and crowded areas. With a top speed of 4mph and a range of up to 9 miles per battery on a single charge, so 18 with the 2 batteries supplied, the Trekker ensures users can travel with confidence and peace of mind.


Aerolite Trekker Portable Powerchair
Warranty2 Years
Seat Width18in / 45cm
Seat Depth17in / 42.50cm
Seat Height22in / 55cm
Back Height18in / 45cm
Total Length48in / 120cm
Hand ControlSwingaway
Folding FootplateYes - Flip Up
Seat CushionYes
Rear Wheels20cm Solid
Castors8in / 20cm
Heaviest Part27.4kg
Battery24V 12ah Lithium
Total Weight32kg / 70.4lbs
Battery Weight2.3kg each
Ground Clearance3in / 7.5cm
Turning Radius39in / 98cm
RangeUp to 18 miles
Max User Weight23.5 st / 150kg


AeroLite Trekker Portable Powerchair FAQs

What is the maximum range of the AeroLite Trekker on a single charge?

The AeroLite Trekker offers an impressive maximum range of up to 18 miles on a single charge, thanks to its dual 12Ah lithium-ion batteries.

 Can the AeroLite Trekker be taken on an airplane?

Yes, the AeroLite Trekker is designed for air travel. The lithium-ion batteries are compliant with airline regulations and can be easily removed for transport.

 How much does the AeroLite Trekker weigh?

The AeroLite Trekker weighs 27.4kg (60lbs) without the batteries, making it one of the lightest powerchairs in its class.

 How easy is it to fold and transport the AeroLite Trekker?

The AeroLite Trekker is designed for easy folding and transportation. It features a simple pull or push mechanism for folding and unfolding.

 Does the AeroLite Trekker come with adjustable features for comfort?

 The AeroLite Trekker offers a tension-adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, and flip-up footrests, adjustable hand control to ensure maximum comfort and customisation”  for the user.