6 mph scooter lifestyle
6 mph scooter lifestyle

  Mobility Scooter Insurance

Are you in search of comprehensive insurance cover for your mobility scooter? Look no further! Mark Bates Ltd mobility scooter insurance policies are specially designed to safeguard your peace of mind and protect your valuable investment. With Mark Bates Ltd mobility scooter insurance, you can enjoy the freedom of getting around with confidence, knowing that they have your back.

Mobility scooter and powerchair insurance with cover for:

24/7 Breakdown Recovery Service

Public Liability

Accidental Damage

Theft and Vandalism

Fire, Storm and Flood

And much more

For more information or to purchase cover please contact us:

01256 335900

[email protected]

Mobility Insurance
Even the most careful drivers can fall victim to circumstances out of control. The Premium insurance we offer on our power product policy is designed to give you peace of mind & keep you mobile.

  • 24/7 National Accident Recovery- Our specialist team is available 24 hours a day at a free phone number. One call will get both you and your equipment home if you are ever stranded
  • Puncture Repair- Puncture repair is now available on our plus insurance
  • No Excess- We don’t require any contribution to a claim where other insurance policies might
  • Accidental Damage- including Damage by fire, storm and flood
  • Public Liability (up to £5,000,000 – Covering allegations against you if you have accidentally damaged someone or their property
  • Theft and Vandalism – Your vehicle will be repaired quickly or replaced
  • 90-Day Worldwide Cover (including in-flight transactions) – Feel safe abroad with cover for your equipment while you are away on holiday