Southern Mobility Services Basingstoke undertake all kinds of Mobility Scooter Servicing. We can service or repair any scooter, powerchair, Rise & Recline or wheelchair using the latest computer software to help diagnose faults and problems that a scooter or powered wheelchair may get.

We have extensive workshops & parts, and we also undertake mobility scooter and powerchair repairs for insurance claims.

We have all types and sizes of Mobility scooters & powerchair batteries.

The areas we cover are Hampshire & Berkshire.



Servicing from £20.00

Small Scooter

Servicing from £49.00

Medium Scooter

Servicing from £75.00

Large Scooter

Servicing from £95.00


Servicing from £95.00

All serviced scooters/powerchairs are brought back to our workshop so we can perform a full discharge battery test, which can take an hour & a half per battery for a professional test which will flatten the batteries, after which we will fully recharge before we deliver your scooter/powerchair back to you. (A home test with a multi-metre is a volt test, not an actual battery discharge test ) We will give customers a fully comprehensive printout of how their batteries are performing.